Protein Bars in Pregnancy

protein bars home madeOne thing that can come up often whether you are pregnant or not- is eating on the run. Hectic, busy schedules that now is the norm for most people creates a situation where the habit to feed our hunger is to go through the drive through or grab a bite of something at a convenient store.

Studies have been done on why people eat this way- and it’s interesting to share that it’s not for taste, not for saving money … but purely for the convenience.

The downside to this way of eating is that you can quickly pack on unwanted pounds, it does cost more and for all the time you spend driving and sitting in the check out line… it actually is not so convenient.

I have found that it’s actually way more convenient to make healthy, quick, nutrient rich foods at home that are great for the grab and go lifestyle.   Some of my favorite are home made, easy to make protein bars.

On this site I’ll share some recipes that are nutrient packed, tasty and easy to make. These are simple for having a healthy meal on the go.  When you are pregnant, some of these will help you get the extra calories you need while avoiding unnecessary chemicals that can make you nauseous. The Protein Powder I use in the recipes will either be the Vanilla Smart Meal or the Chocolate Smart Meal.

Check back often for updated recipes.

Pregnancy Protein Bar Recipes:

Peanut Butter Vanilla Oat Protein Bars

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