Pregnancy Supplements

During pregnancy what you put into your body from the time you discover you are going to have a baby, until after the baby is born, is very important.

Are All Vitamins and Supplements the Same?

When you are growing a baby, what you put into your body… and what you keep out of your body… makes a big difference in the ease of pregnancy along with giving your new child building blocks of nutrition for being healthy.

For thousands of years, people, families, villages and even animals instinctively turned to plants and herbs for sources of vitamins, nutrition and minerals.   Over time, the use of raw or whole herbs and plants as sources of nutrition gave way to chemically manufactured and processed supplements.   The reasoning behind the chemically derived supplements comes down to the idea that it is ‘cheaper’.  The fact is, what is sold on the stores and shelves may, at first, appear to have  a lower sticker price on the bottle– but when you look at them closely, you will find those types of supplements can actually cost you more!

How do ‘cheap vitamins’ cost more?

1. Most chemically processed supplements are made with … chemicals. Synthetic replications of what the active ingredient is found in the natural plant.

2. Synthetically made and chemically processed vitamins can make you sick.  Plants have all natural balancing agents i them – which helps in the healing process. They are grown by nature to support us- which also need balance for great health.

3. Not all supplements sold on the shelves of stores have even the ACTIVE healing part of the plant. The label may say it has the ‘plant’  it is advertising- but does it have the RIGHT part? Most do not.

4. Depending on how the supplement is made- even if there is the correct plant parts, look at how much fillers, chemicals and other additives are used. Are you actually getting good nutrition- or simply more chemicals in your body?

5. The procedures used in making the supplements can over heat, over process, and overly strip any nutritional benefits out of the supplement.

How are the products featured on different?

NSP (Natures Sunshine) has sought out and ONLY uses the most clean, chemically free products.  They have extremely high standards for purity.   Also-this company was the very first company in the United States to ever put herbs into capsules. The ARE the standard for excellence.  With that, they have a large team of nutritional experts that understand how to formulate and use the natural plants correct parts for nutrition. Not all herbal products sold are the same.

When you compare the quantity of supplements in the NSP bottles, and then look at the member savings price- you will find that the actual dollars spent is often LESS than what you would spend at a brick and mortar store.  The quality of the products is Premiere- so you need less. They last you longer- and you will know that what you are feeding yourself and your baby is safe, pure, healthy and will help you and the baby stay strong before, during and after the pregnancy.

By investing in yourself and through using Natures Sunshine’s pregnancy supplements, you will find dollar savings, peace of mind and a sense of well being for you and your baby.

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