Pregnancy Guide

Pregnancy GuideDuring pregnancy what you put into, on, and surround your body with from the time you discover you are going to have a baby, until after the baby is born, is very important.

When it comes to a simple pregnancy guide for no morning sickness, nutrition with healthy food for pregnancy, supplements, diet, weight gain, exercise ,constipation and some extra pregnancy tips for supporting yourself and your baby as naturally as you can, take the time to read through the pages on this site.

I’ve broken down the pages into some simple topics that I have been most often asked regarding having a healthy pregnancy with little to no morning sickness.

The products on have been broken down by trimester of your pregnancy. Some vitamins (your prenatal, calcium,) you will want to take through out your whole pregnancy- and even after.  Some of the nutritionals are best used in the specific term of your pregnancy. The herbs and vitamins recommended for the last five weeks of pregnancy, during labor, delivery and recovery you will only want to use during those specific times.

You will be able to shop directly from the product pages. I work directly with the manufacturers to bring to my clients special savings on top quality vitamins for pregnancy, pregnancy food,  foods for weight loss after baby is born, along with belly support products.

Bookmark this site as you’ll be able to reference it throughout all the phases of your pregnancy.  It is divided into:

Prenatal support

1st Trimester, 2nd Trimester, 3rd Trimester and Post Natal support.

The info on the site is designed to support the pregnancy and birth plan that you and your childbirth partner, doctor  and support team create.

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