Yummy Pregnancy Soups With Quality Protein

Pregnancy SoupsYummy Pregnancy Soups

Creamy, comforting soups are great for healthy meals during pregnancy.  Soups are easy to make at home and are so much better for you and your baby.

I have shared some great recipes for soups that are tasty, simple to make, flavorful and can provide a whollop of nutrition throughout your pregnancy.  They are also great for meals after your baby is born.

Soups don’t have to be just for lunch or dinner. You may find that some of these soups will work for a soothing way to start your day.

I love to cook and bake from scratch. Like most people, I like quick, easy and tasty recipes.   A quick note to share: since these soups are made without artificial chemicals and preservatives, you’ll want to eat them within a couple days. Also,  many of the soups I make are deceptively filling because they are nutritionally dense. :)   So… eat one bowl at a time then let your belly sit for a bit to make sure whether you are still actually hungry before you eat another bowl.

Many of these recipes I have on the site include protein to give you other ways to add variety to your food intake daily. The protein in the soups will also help you and baby be strong and healthy.   You will find a blend of recipes that have meat for protein along with vegetarian based soups.  I have lived as a vegetarian for over 20 years and I share some of my favorite recipes that are high protein and controlled carbs.

Some of the recipes will include using the Vanilla Smart Meal Protein found on this site.

Here on NoMorningSickness.com you’ll learn about healthy eating during your pregnancy and  after.  Enjoy the soups and check back often for more recipes.



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