Postpartum Weight Loss

Once you have had the baby and are ready for a healthy, safe, drug free and VERY effective way to eat and lose weight- it’s time to enroll in the “Be Slim Club”.

As a health coach (and a client) for Take Shape For Life, I lost over 33 lbs of the baby weight I gained.  I did this very easily on the “Be Slim Medifast 5 & 1 Program.” I lost the weight and have kept it off. Today I still use the Medifast meals and snacks to help keep myself well nourished when I’m on the go.

When you are ready to lose your baby weight, contact me. As a health coach for Take Shape for Life – you get my support for free.  It’s a really good feeling to know you have someone in your corner who genuinely cares about your success!

This Be Slim Club is super affordable – and the results are huge! This is not another fad diet. It’s a program of eating 5-6 small, premade, highly nutritious meals that give you the vitamin and mineral support of a 2000 k way of eating… but at a reduced calorie intake.  The lower intake of calories allows you to tap into your fat burning ability to safely remove the unwanted extra pounds and increase your lean muscle.

This program typically helps women loose 2-3 lbs of fat (not muscle) a week. Men usually loose 3-5 lbs a week.  The best part is that the food tastes great!  It’s super convenient. It usually costs less than the food you are already eating.  Also, part of what makes the Take Shape For Life members so successful at keeping the weight off is that by becoming a member, you get access to a huge network  of people to support you before, during and after your weight loss journey.  AND… this support is FREE to you!  The support starts with a health coach- in this case me. :)

When you are ready to start, contact me. I’ll set up time to talk for a short bit to make sure this is the best program for you. If it is, I’ll help you get started and will be there to assist you with your success along the way.

My Pregnancy & Weight Loss Struggles and Final Success:

Before my first pregnancy, I had some ups and downs with being at a good weight and doing it healthfully.  I had learned about eating well, eating lean, working out and did a decent job of being at a median weight.

When I did get pregnant the first time, I was eating vegetarian and watched my sugars.  In my teens I had given up soda and much candy. I didn’t do deep fried foods or eat a lot of fast food.  However, with my pregnancy I still gained more weight than I really wanted.

I was thrilled to have a happy baby, but after he was born, that baby weight literally weighed and dragged me down.

Off to the gym I went – for a year- and only lost five pounds. Not too motivating!

Then one day, I decided to work with a trainer. He changed my routine, had me work out less, and low and behold in one month I lost eight pounds!  I was excited with this success, so I booked my next couple months of training with him.

Not more than a week later of booking those next work out sessions – low and behold, I am not feeling so good.  A couple days later, still not feeling good.  The symptoms made me take a pregnancy test… yep! I was pregnant again.  We wanted another baby… this one just came a bit sooner than I planned. :)   (I am very thankful now for that happening as God’s plan works out perfect every time!)

Anyway, this pregnancy I worked out with my trainer all the way up until I went into labor. Let me clarify here: I actually got to enjoy labor for three days with this one – and on the first night, when contractions slowed down… off to the gym I went. (I wanted that baby out.)   No baby that day, but two days later he was born.

Working out this time did help me avoid too much extra weight gain and it did give me more motivation. However, I now had baby weight from both boys. 

This time I went right back to the routine we did before to help me lose weight and I lost about 10 lbs. But that was it. For the next 9 years, I kept on carrying around those extra baby pounds.  In 2009 I worked with a nutritionist and found out I was allergic to wheat and gluten.

She made a whole food program for me that helped me lose 10 lbs. With my busy lifestyle though, following her program to help get off the extra weight became a bit cumbersome to keep up with.

In 2008 I started watching some of my friends (men and women) use the Take Shape For Life program.  Their fat seemed to melt off them like butter on a hot day.  Finally, two days before New Years Eve of 2009, I reached a final frustration point. My extra weight was hurting my back again, I was fatiqued, too tired to work out like I wanted to, and I was just plain ‘done’ being overweight.

I called up my friend who is a health coach for TSFL and told her I wanted to start right away. My goal: lose at least 10 lbs. I knew those 10 lbs would make my back hurt less.

I got my food about a week later and started the Be Slim 5 & 1 program. I already knew about healthy eating and nutritionals. What I needed was something quick, fast, tasty, satisfying and easy to do no matter where I was on the go.  TSFL and the 5 & 1 Program was it.

About 3 weeks after I started, I had already lost 12 lbs!  I was so thankful. It was so easy and I could really feel the change. I knew I found what I had been looking for to get back into the weight I was in high school.. and it was a healthy way of doing it.

The funny part is that not only did I fly through those first 12 lbs.. I shrunk out of all my clothes!  I lost 33 lbs and have kept it off. I get to eat great food, I have amazing vitality – and yes.  I am at the weight I was in high school.

This is just one part of my personal journey to optimal health and wellbeing that I talk about with RxNaturally.  When you are ready to lose your weight, learn about how to keep it off and enjoy a robust, happy, and healthy life, let me know. I’ll be here. It is my heart to share with others as a health coach what I have learned along the way.