Post Natal

Post partum mom and baby Congratulations on your new baby!

You’ve worked hard to get here, but now that you are in the post partum phase of your pregnancy, the good news is, you can still continue to nourish yourself and the new addition to your family with nutritionals and products that are safe, pure, free of chemicals or harmful ingredients.

On the pages in this section you’ll find things that myself and my friends have successfully used to help with our quick recovery from delivery.  You’ll see products to help you with your breast feeding and when you are ready to transition into a time where you want to lose the extra weight gained during pregnancy, you’ll find a way to safely, easily lose that weight and keep it off.

(Note:  Even if you are not going to breast feed, but may want to pump your milk and bottle feed, the nutritionals for increased and higher quality milk are still great for you.)

Enjoy your new baby. Remember to eat every three hours in small meals, and keep your basic nutrition strong.  You can still take the prenatals we recommend on this site. Also remember to use very quality calcium each day for your bone and structural health.   The calcium will help  you sleep better too as you enter into a new night time routine.

You may find that after your pregnancy that you have some stretch marks that have developed.  I recently started using this revolutionary product on myself for stretch marks, scars and other skin blemishes I’ve had for years. I am very thrilled to share with you an easy, safe and amazingly effective way to not only reduce these visual skin marks, but also it is safe for everyday use on your face too!  (This was originally formulated to help skin cancer patients grow new, healthy, undamaged skin.  It has three patents on the product and has shown to produce incredible healthy skin for many types of pe0ple.)

If you have questions at any time, please email me directly.   I’ll be glad to assist you however I can.