Delivery Day.  It’s what you’ve been waiting for!

Delivery of your baby is exciting and a truly amazing process. Your body has been designed to naturally get the baby born without the use of drugs.  If you choose to deliver your baby all natural, without drugs, here are some herbal nutritional support products that can be used during your delivery safely.

Your personal delivery experience will be unique and each childbirth is different.  There are however, the basic stages that you can identify as you are going through them. 

First Stage- effacement and dilation

Use: 5-W & Blue Cohosh, Chlorophyll & Recovery(You can drink the Chlorophyll in water and Recovery with Orange juice through out the whole time of labor and after.)

The 5-W is formulated to nourish the uterus in preparation for delivery.  Chlorophyll will help keep good oxygen in your blood. It is also beneficial as the molecular structure is so similar to blood, that it is a great support product during labor.

Recovery is great as it’s easy and light on the stomach yet will help keep your electrolytes in balance as you go through your delivery.

Using Blue Cohosh and Red Raspberry can help stimulate contractions during labor. Blue Cohosh also helps to strengthen contractions.

Liquid Chlorophyll and Vitamin C can help keep a woman’s strength during labor.

Early labor- contractions 5-10 minutes apart. They may last 30-60 seconds long.  You will go from 0-3 cm dilation. Excitement and nervousness is common.

Active Labor- Contractions are closer now. About 3-5 minutes apart and they may last 60-90 seconds long.  Dilation goes from about 4-7 cm now.  Focus is now more serious on the labor. Be sure to remain active and upright as much as possible. (Helps the baby drop and walking through the contractions is a great way to reduce the pain.

For herbal support and supplements during active labor try:  Pain Homeopathic, Vitamin E and Vitamin C.

Transition from First stage of labor to Second stage: contractions can come one on top of another. (Your body is working to get the baby out. :) ).  Contractions about 60-90 seconds long. Dilation goes from 8-10 cm.  This is the hardest and shortest part of the labor.  You’re almost there!!

Supplements to help during this time: APS II and Pain Homeopathic. APS-II w/White Willow may ease pain and Red Raspberry Blend, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, and Liquid Chlorophyll can help to increase energy.

Second Stage of labor: time to push!  Baby comes out during this stage.

Third Stage: you’ll deliver the placenta.  Be sure to drink Chlorophyll and water, and replenish with Recovery & Orange Juice.