Deb’s Story

I am not a doctor, I am a mom.  I share my story with you and hope that it gives you encouragement to be the healthiest you can be.  I share my story to also show you that the body is an amazing thing… and no matter where you are now with your health, you CAN overcome anything and be the best you can!

I started life blessed by God as a healthy and fully functioning child. Debbra Sweet

The day it all changed:

Right before my High School graduation in 1985 I had a bicycling accident that changed my life.

Trying to avoid being hit by a car I crashed head first into a brick wall. I walked away from that accident with a headache and some minor cuts and bruises. I seemed okay. Little did I know the extent of the damages I truly suffered that would not manifest until many years later.

One day in 1991, my injuries finally caught up with me, and in an unusual turn of events, I ended up being unable to walk for three years. There’s more to the story- too much to go into here. Basically, one day when I was at work, my body shut down. I went to work being able to walk and function. Two hours later, I could not.

To most people I appeared to have advanced MS (Multiple Sclerosis) and was wracked with constant seizures. My vital organs and all my body systems were shutting down. I was slowly dying and my doctors (nearly a dozen specialists in multiple fields) did not know why. One inept practitioner actually told me it was all in my head and demanded I see a psychotherapist! Suddenly, the focus of my life became all about finding out what was wrong, why this happened, and how to get back to being able to be healthy again.

I had always had a desire to be healthy, and as I was growing up (this was before the internet was available), I learned what I could about eating better and did my best to do so. I took vitamins that I bought at the store because I had heard it was the right thing to do. I did my best to exercise and stay active.

Once I was unable to walk, I did what most people do. Go to the doctor. In fact, that journey started that one day at work.

Later in 1991, after I had already spent months seeing specialists trying to figure out why I couldn’t walk, I met my husband, Daniel. He’s the most incredible guy I’ve ever known! He was also very instrumental in helping with my recovery.

Although I was not ‘mobile’, he was. I had much time on my hands each day when I wasn’t at the doctors and I chose to fill those hours reading. I have always loved to read and Daniel would go to the library and bring me books on nutrition, anatomy, physiology, biology, herbs, minerals, vitamins, and he even found an amazing book on acupressure.

I wasn’t working so I did not have a lot of money to keep spending on store bought supplements that seemed to be making me feel sicker than better. I had an ‘aha’ idea one day. I should make meals that were based around the vitamins and minerals that would heal my body. It was an interesting approach- and as I ate this way, I started noticing I felt a bit better.

During this time, I was still seeing the doctors, but at home, I kept reading, learning about eastern medicine, and a holistic approach to health and well being. Daniel wanted to help me relax a bit so we started to do daily acupressure on my body.

The one thing that I noticed is, what we were doing at home, taking a natural approach to my recovery, was working. What the doctors were doing was not.

After many months and too many tests from every kind of doctor you can think of, I still had no answer as to why my body was like this. The doctors couldn’t figure out what was wrong - so I took control of my situation and fired them all.

That was a bold thing to do, and I am thankful that I did it. I am thankful I did not give into the ‘doctor talk’ they kept trying to feed me. They kept looking for MS (every test came back negative) and their solution was to simply give me drugs. After taking their drugs I would have severe negative reactions and get worse.

And I should have known better. I knew enough about how my body reacted from drugs from a couple of scary reactions I had when I was young. Basically, western medicine drugs and my body do not work well together. So after some very bad reactions to their drugs, when the doctors offered up even more prescriptions, to their surprise I told them “Don’t bother. I’ll only throw them out.”

Through countless hours of really learning about healing through natural approaches, food, vitamins, minerals, various forms of body work and physical therapy, I regained my abilities to function.

The idea of simply ‘functioning’ was not enough though. I wanted to feel my best, to truly become healthy and understand what is meant to have vitality so I could do the things I love for many years to come.

Daniel and I married in 1993 but because of my situation, we didn’t have kids until 2000. It was a very big concern that if I ever did get pregnant, would I be able to carry the baby to term, would the baby be healthy, and could I care for it after it was born.

My Introduction to Natures Sunshine

In 1997, I had one more amazing thing come to me. I was walking again, eating well, exercising and taking vitamins. I felt good, but still had some rough days. It was one afternoon when I was visiting a friend that I saw a big book on her table that was an amazing encyclopedia all about herbs. I quickly asked her about it and she shared with me where the information came from.

That day was my introduction to Nature’s Sunshine products. She shared with me how good their products were for her, and in my quest towards vitality, I decided to try them too. I was blown away at the incredible quality of their products!! These were nothing like the store bought garbage that I gave up on years ago. Within a few days of using them, I could totally tell the difference in how well they were made, and how my body was able to continue to feel better.

I invested the next couple of years learning all I could about their products (they have over 600 different products and special formulations) and started telling my friends and family about them. Every person I knew who tried them had the same type of testimonial to share.

Suddenly, people were being referred to me because of ‘my story’. They wanted to regain their health and wanted to know my secret. I started increasing my learning and even took many classes that made me a certified herb specialist.

Along Comes Baby

Finally being back up in a thriving state of wellbeing,  I did get pregnant.  I had been using Natures Sunshine’s products for a couple of years already.  In fact, after seeing such amazing results with my health from using their products, I took a year to really get my body ready to try and get pregnant.  I had developed a special nutritional program for myself – and low and behold, pregnant we did get!!

Everyone was concerned about the health of the baby and me- and I am happy to say that our first son was successfully born in March of 2000. Our second son was born in December of 2001. Both were conceived, nourished and delivered all naturally- no drugs.  (Today we see how my attention to what I ate and how I nourished my body during the pregnancies has influenced their choices on food and even herbal support when they need it.)

The Birth of RxNaturally

Remember- I am not a doctor, I am a mom.  (I have been studying to become a Master of Holistic Healing).  I am a good resource to my friends and I do have a true heart to share how these amazing products and the body’s own ability to heal itself (if you help it and allow it to do what it is meant to do) – can actually work right.

Since 1997 I have continued to personally use and whole heartedly recommend Nature’s Sunshine Products to my family and close friends. I now refer them to you.  I have taken countless hours of classes and training to understand their products and how to support you with what is best for you.  I am a certified herbal specialist from Natures Sunshine.

On this web site, I have simplified down some of the products that I refer most often for pregnancy.

They do have over 600 products and I have learned about all of them so if you have questions about a special need, circumstance or situation that you would like to see if a natural approach can help you with, feel free to email me. I will do my best to assist you.

Using Nature’s Sunshine products has changed my life for good- and I am today a true ‘walking’, thriving testament that you can achieve anything- even when others think you can’t! I’m healthier than I ever was and take every opportunity to seize the day. My new personal passion is to help you too.

RxNaturally is more than just herbs and vitamins

I have also included some other amazing resources that I have personally used, benefited from first hand, and confidently recommend to you to help you have a healthy pregnancy.  The food products on this site are perfect for healthful, affordable snacks and mini-meals during your pregnancy.  They can then transition into a safe and proven way to help you lose any extra baby weight when you are ready.  I wanted to lose 10 lbs. of  my post baby weight. Using the foods  from Take Shape for Life and Medifast, I lost 33 and have kept it off!  I still use the foods as part of my daily food intake- and they are perfect for providing very healthy, well balanced and tasty nutrition during your pregnancy.

Back and Belly Support

Also in my sharing are some pregnancy support garments that can help you carry your baby more comfortably and help reduce back pain and stress on the spine as your baby grows. You will find some postpartum recovery belts here too.   I have a few different body shapers and postural support garments from Ardyss that I wear while on my feet or at the computer.  After you have the baby and transition from the maternity support belt to the postpartum belt,  you can transition to the other body shaping garments as you regain your pre-pregnancy health.

My Personal Recommendations

Again- all of these items I have personally used, have recommended to my closest friends and now I confidently recommend them to you. If you want to connect with me online, you can reach me on Facebook or Linked In anytime.  Feel free to post your comments on the No Morning Sickness blog or drop me an email here.

RxNaturally is not just my business name- it’s a way of life. It’s a way of thinking, it’s a way for you, your baby, and your family to thrive by using products that support health, vitality, save you time, save you money and truly help you be the best you can be.

God Bless,
Debbra Sweet