Quality Counts

Can a Vitamin Make You Sick?

On a cellular level, the molecules in our body ‘spin’ to the right.  It’s part of our life energy. Our essence.  Natural food,  on a cellular level, spins to the right.  (It has life energy in it too.) When we ingest things that are natural – the body recognizes it as ‘like kind, the same, safe- ie: food and fuel for the body’.  The more healthy and natural the food we consume, the more our body absorbs, builds, repairs and sustains us with health, wellness and vitality.

Chemicals on the other hand, have a molecular spin to the left.  When we have chemicals enter our body, our body does not see it as food.  It goes into a natural mode of ‘defense, cleanse and eliminate’.

So…yes. Vitamins CAN make you sick if you are using any that are made chemically.  All the vitamins, minerals, and herbal products on the NoMorningSickness.com site are made without ANY chemicals, there’s no heat processing (so they retain all their nutritional value) – and – most importantly, the raw materials (plants) harvested for these products come from all over the world.  Before they are chosen to be used for the nutritional s from NSP- they are tested to be the absolute highest quality on a molecular level.

You’ll find on the site here a way to invest into AMAZING, all natural, non chemical Vitamins, minerals, supplements and weight loss food programs.   I used these and had no morning sickness.  My friends all found that when they changed from the chemically made prenatals they got at a grocery store (or those suggested or recommended by their doctor)- their morning sickness went away.

NSP has sought out and ONLY uses the most clean, chemically free products.  They have extremely high standards for purity.   Also-this company was the very first company in the United States to ever put herbs into capsules. The ARE the standard for excellence.  With that, they have a large team of nutritional experts that understand how to formulate and use the natural plants correct parts for nutrition. Not all herbal products sold are the same.

The other products found on the NoMorningSickness.com site also come to you with the highest standards for purity, safety, cutting edge technology and affordability.

If you ever have any questions about the maternity belts, the pregnancy foods, post natal weight loss, the skin repair products, contact me directly.  I have product information available to you for specific details on each product line.