3rd Trimester

Third TrimesterYour Baby – During the third trimester, you’ll experience vigorous kicking! You can’t believe it. You are now in your third trimester. Your baby will continue to be doing a lot of growing during these last few months.

Your Body – Be sure that you’re taking your prenatal vitamins regularly.  You may experience cramps in your feet or legs due to a lack of calcium. Remember to take your calcium supplements at night before bed. That is the time when your body best absorbs the nutrition of calcium.  You may notice swelling in your hands and feet during the seventh month of pregnancy. Braxton Hicks contractions are one of the common symptoms this month.

Braxton Hicks are your body’s way of starting to prepare and tone the uterus for delivery. A unique pregnancy supplement that is only used during the last 5 weeks of pregnancy is called “5-W”.  The nutrients found in this unique herbal formula also help to really prepare and tone your uterus for an easier delivery and faster recovery.

A maternity belt during the last three months of pregnancy can also help you feel great, keep your posture strong and lift the baby up off your spine a bit to help alleviate low back  pains, reduce pressure on the leg veins (keep your circulation moving) and even help reduce constipation.