2nd Trimester

Second TrimesterYour Baby – During the second trimester, you will feel very excited when you feel the baby move. Some women don’t feel fetal movement until the fifth month of pregnancy. Fetal movement may feel like fluttering at first. It is called “quickening”. The baby moves, swallows and can hear your voice. Your baby is approximately 7 inches long and weighs around 5 ounces. Your baby’s movement reflects the increase in the development of the neurological system.  This trimester, foods that help the nervous system (for both you and the baby) are very beneficial.

Consistent use of the Prenatals, Folic Acid and Calcium are very important as they continue to ensure you are receiving good, baseline nutrition.

Your Body – Your may ‘pop’ around the fourth or fifth month of your pregnancy. As the baby continues to grow rapidly, your body may want different foods during this trimester. It’s so important to eat well, keep your supplements up, drink plenty of water and rest when you feel tired.  You might find that a Maternity Girdle will now give you some extra belly support.

Listen to your body. Pregnant women tend to do too much, especially if they have other children. Take a rest! Pregnancy symptoms this month include back pain as your baby to grows.  The extra weight of the increased placenta, the baby and expected pregnancy weight gain cause a bit of stress on the lower back. The second trimester is a great time to invest into a Maternity Girdle to help give your body that extra support.

By keeping your spine more in alignment and aiding the body with carrying the baby, the lift and support a Maternity Girdle can give you can be evidenced by less fatigue and a reduced amount of pregnancy constipation. The baby stays lifted off your spinal column and nerves that can be part of the cause of pregnancy constipation.